Stoke White provides niche private law services that is buoyant and cutting-edge both at national and international level. We are a London based law firm that has national and international profile across a wide range of legal work in international criminal law, human rights law, Media and entertainment law, public international law and charity law.

The driving force behind everything we do is our unyielding determination for justice, uncompromising approach for excellence and professionalism and personal and tailored care and service we provide our clients.

Our team of lawyers are not just experts in their field with decades of experience, they are specially selected professionals who are passionate, dedicated and truly relentless in their fight to deliver justice for our clients.

Our Clients are Our Priority.

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“Thank you for helping me and my company dealing with all the legal issues. Without your expertise, sound advice we could have never done this.”

“Just amazing. Thank you very much for all the legal advice and help every step of the way. Great Law Firm, Great People.Truly impressive.”

“I am thankful to you for the professionalism and humanity you displayed in handling my criminal case that just ended with positive outcome. You are truly a law firm that works hard to get the best results for his client.”


Our out of box thinking and solutions, determinations, professional and tailor made approach and care for our clients are among many things that make us who we are

International Criminal Law & Human Rights

  • Long History Of Success
  • Leading Advocates
  • Relentless Commitment
  • Unrivalled Experience
  • High Profile Cases

Media & Entertainment Law

  • Intellectual Property
  • Commercial Agreements
  • Broadcasting
  • Advertising & Publishing
  • Regulatory Compliances

International Charity Law

  • Tailored Approach
  • Crisis Management
  • Financial Crimes
  • Public Relations
  • Anti-terorrism regulations

Public International Law

  • Sanctions & Compliance Controls
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • International Arbitration
  • International Agreements
  • State & Diplomatic Issues

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Meet our dream team of lawyers, legal professionals and experts.

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