Our Expertise

Stoke White is one of London’s leading International Law and Business Immigration firms. Our professional and personable approach provides our clients an exceptional tailored, quality and confidential service to attain desired outcomes. Stoke White’s lawyers and analysts have the capacity to deal an unprecedented level of open source information for verification, validation and critical analysis for actionable legal intelligence.

We are proud to serve a wide range of clients including governments, INGOs, NGOs and individuals across Britain and beyond. We specialise our work in the following areas:

International Law

We focus on the violations of the Laws of War, International Human Rights and Criminal Law in conflict and non-conflict theatres.

Data Protection & Privacy Law

We provide specialist advice on Data Protection, Privacy and Cyber Law.

Family Law

We represent clients with complex Family Law matters in the UK and cross-border matters.

Employment & Business Immigration

We represent clients at initial application to appeal and judicial review related to Employment and movement of people.

Charity Law

We represent domestic and international charities in various sectors from trusts and foundations to NGOs.

Thematic Legal Training

We provide specialist training for professionals operating in theatres of conflict, to the voluntary and charity sectors.