Laws of War Training

Are you working in the development or humanitarian sector? Are you responsible to make decisions in conflict zones? Do you know the regulations under the law and the framework that could support your role? It is necessary for all humanitarian (aid) workers, medical professionals, policy makers and those on the ground to be familiar with principles of Laws of War.

The Laws of War, otherwise known as International Humanitarian Law (IHL) are a set of rules that applies during armed conflict. It seeks to primarily protect civilians, environment and those horse de combat.
With Stoke White’s training course, participants will learn about the origins and sources of the Laws of War, as well as when it practically applies. The participants will learn to distinguish between international and non-international armed conflicts, rules protecting civilians, detainees, the wounded and sick, and protected personnel such as medical staff.

By the end of the training, participants will grasp the three key principles in IHL that regulate the conduct of hostilities – distinction, proportionality and precaution – and will be able to illustrate how they limit the effects of armed conflict on the civilian population.

The Laws of War training is a recognised CPD course provider, which enables Stoke White to authorise CPD points via the official CPD Certification Service.

Learning outcomes

All participants of the course will learn the fundamental principles of the Laws of War, in addition to the following areas:

  • Applicability of IHL and classification of armed conflicts
  • Responsibilities in conflict zones
  • Conduct of hostilities
  • Detention and treatment
  • Protected personnel under IHL (medical, women, children, wounded, sick etc).
  • Contemporary challenges

Course: IHL- Laws of War
Duration: 3 Hours
Language: English
Style: In-house lecture / seminar. The training is available via livestream during COVID-19

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