Islamic International Humanitarian Law Training

Islamic law is featuring extensively in majority of conflict zones around the globe today. Whether by states, non-state armed groups or international bodies acting as intermediaries negotiating humanitarian access. It is essential to know the basic concepts and understand how actors using Islamic jurisprudence to govern themselves.

Stoke White’s specialist training equips participants with the intermediate level knowledge of Islamic International Humanitarian Law, the interplay with modern IHL and ultimately how non-state armed groups interpret and use it practically on the ground.

The Islamic IHL training is a recognised CPD course provider, which enables Stoke White to authorise CPD points via the official CPD Certification Service.

Learning outcomes

All participants of the course will learn the core principles of Islamic jurisprudence in conflict, in addition to the following:

  • Core principles of Islam and conflict zones
  • Nexus between Islam and modern IHL
  • Applicability of Islamic IHL and classification of conflict
  • Conduct of hostilities
  • Protection of environment and property
  • Detention and treatment
  • Understanding its application by non-state actors
  • Internal rebellion rules

Course: IHL- Islamic
Duration: 3 Hours
Language: English
Style: In-house lecture / seminar. The training is available via livestream during COVID-19

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