We represent the IHH in respect of various legal issues they face outside of Turkey where they are based.

“IHH official website at https://www.ihh.org.tr/en/about-us

IHH The Foundation for Human Rights and Freedoms and Humanitarian Relief started with the humanitarian relief work of a handful of volunteers who could not stay aloof to the Bosnian War that broke out in 1992. Their humanitarian efforts eventually led to the establishment of the foundation in Istanbul. IHH has been working since 1992 with the purpose to deliver aid to all people who are in need, who had a catastrophe, who are victims of war, natural disaster, etc. or wounded, crippled, starved, homeless and persecuted thereof, wherever they are regardless of their religion, language, race or sect and to prevent the violation of the basic human rights and freedoms of those people. IHH’s voluntary relief activities have evolved to an official organization in 1995 and spread around five continents as it established a bridge of goodwill stretching from Turkey to 135 countries and territories. IHH gives priority to the following in its relief operations:
War-zone or war-torn countries and territories
Regions struck by natural disasters
Poverty-stricken countries and territories

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