Corporate Social Responsibility

Stoke White’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy supports: the environment; a thriving workplace and; the community.

Stoke White regularly reviews and looks at sustainability and how the firm can reduce its impact on the environment. It also considers initiatives to support diversity, staff development and a thriving work environment. The firm also supports various charitable activities every year by making gifts and through staff fundraising.

The Environment

Stoke White is committed to the principles of achieving a sustainable development business model, aligned to industry best practice and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. These are incorporated into our operating model in various ways:

We are dedicated to finding ways to be more efficient in our operations and use of resources. To this end, we are working towards significantly reducing our use of paper.

We aim to minimise waste and to reduce our energy consumption. Furthermore, we purchase goods and services from suppliers who are environmentally and socially conscious.

We work with our landlords to establish good environmental practice and energy efficiency. Similarly, water dispensers have been placed to reduce the use of plastic bottles or cups.

A Thriving Workplace

Stoke White’s policy allows all colleagues to develop and grow in the firm regardless of age, sex/gender, disability, race, religion or belief. We ensure that each member of our firm treat their colleagues with dignity and the highest level of respect, just as we would do with our clients. We nurture an environment which recognises and develops the immense talent and potential of each member of the team.

Stoke White values the important contributions made by each member of our firm. We do not tolerate any bullying in the workplace nor any form of discrimination. We adhere to anti-slavery and anti-bribery policies.

The Community

Stoke White partners and staff work together to support a range of charitable organisations. In addition to making donations/gifts from the firm, we encourage our team to participate in community initiatives and pro bono legal work. Beyond philanthropy, the firm encourages and recruits local talent and offers various schemes to attract them.


Stoke White gifts donations to community appeals, supporting a wide range of charitable activities. Typically, the firm donates to projects that focus on children improving their literacy skills and confidence.

Pro Bono Work

Stoke White partners and staff are engaged in a variety of pro bono activities that benefit our local and wider communities. We use and apply our legal expertise to assist small charities with issues such as governance and management advice.

Local talent

Working with local recruitment agencies, universities and other partners, we offer work experience to those who show an interest in this field. Furthermore, the firm are keen to take on law graduates, who want to specialise in Human Rights and International Law.