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Despite the domestic population being more educated and skilled than ever before, a high proportion of low and high-skilled workers are still required by the UK (with work permits) from overseas to undertake such roles. In times of uncertainty, meticulous legal planning is therefore, more crucial.

At Stoke White, we offer tailored advice to guide and protect businesses in the UK, Europe, and the US. Our lawyers can support the employment life cycle of a business, immigration status of employees and investigate complex employment law claims.

Stoke White’s Employment & Business Immigration Law Department

Our lawyers work closely with human resources professionals across several industries to keep on top of a range of issues arising in employment and immigration. The department offers all employment and immigration legal support from recruitment to dismissal, international transfers, domestic and international acquisition and outsourcing. 

Here are some of the services we can offer:

Business Immigration

UK Immigration Services

Business Contracts



Advice on Tactics & Settlement Negotiations


Employment support

Handbooks and Policies

Stoke White have represented a range of clients across various sectors including the media and entertainment, tourism, government and individuals. Some of our recent work include:

Case Study 1

Stoke White acted on behalf of an international airline company regarding an unfair dismissal claim. Our lawyers conducted a sensitive investigation, resulting in putting forward compelling arguments at the first tier tribunal of the employment matter. Stoke White’s intervention led to the claimant withdrawing and settling the matter outside the tribunal procedure.

Case Study 2

Stoke White provided legal services to a leading global broadcast news channel under a service level agreement. Our lawyers advised on a range of legal matters including recruitment, immigration, dismissal and business acquisition across the European Union and the United States.

Case Study 3

In the United Kingdom, Stoke White represented a police officer who was dismissed on racial and discriminatory grounds. Our lawyers conducted an investigation and advised the officer throughout a lengthy employment tribunal leading to a successful outcome.

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